Apple Watch – The New Pearl in Apple’s Crown

By Yana, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock

The final countdown has already started! The Apple Watch will be soon ‘ticking’ on the front showcase and all Apple fans have already reserved their seats for the big day on 24th April.

Out of question, this is one of the most expected events in the digital world since Apple first announced it last September.

With the new Apple Watch on the horizon, Android has a lot to worry about. The competition between these two is on and all odds seem to go for Apple.

Let’s see what the fuss is all about.

The new Apple Watch is coming in 3 series: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

All 3 collections have 38 mm size version which is suitable for ladies. Of course there is also 42 mm version for gentlemen. There is a great variety of combinations and straps for each collection that will suit even the pickiest taste.

Naturally, each collection has a different price range. Prices start from £299 for Apple Watch sport and reach up to £8,000 for the Apple Watch Edition made of 18-karat gold alloys. The Apple Watch is made from stainless steel and the Apple Watch Sport from an anodized aluminum.

It’s important to know that regardless of the price, each watch comes with the same 8GB of storage and the same software. Only 2GB can be used for music but this is more than enough for your morning jogging or during your trip to work. 75MB go for the for photo storage. We believe that this is not an issue at all because the watch itself doesn’t have a camera. Basically it will store only a few photos – your dearest ones. As for the remaining 6GB they are used for the operating system and all application data that goes with it.

The 3 collections use different material for the face. The Watch Sport uses an Ion-X glass display, while the Apple Watch and Watch Edition use Sapphire glass. Sapphire is the second hardest crystal on Earth and it is scratch-proof. However, the Ion-X display advantage is that it should be able to resist any knocks and it’s a bit lighter than Sapphire. All 3 have AMOLED display.

Note that the Apple Watch is water resistant but not waterproof. Its water resistance level is IPX7, which means that water up to 1 meter will not harm for up to 30 minutes of stay, however it isn’t recommended to test its limits.

Apple’s Watch magic is hidden in a new custom-designed chip called S1. The chip is encapsulated in resin, which provides extra endurance for its subsystems.

Besides the gyroscope and an accelerometer, the watch features a very interesting new technology called Taptic Engine. You can receive a gentle tap on the wrist each time you get an alert or notification, or press down on the display. You can also tap someone or even send them your heartbeat.

The heart rate sensor uses a technology called photoplethysmography. In simple words – light‑sensitive photodiodes paired with green LED lights. The technology uses the natural ability of blood to reflect red light and to absorb green light. The sensors detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist and the information is recorded regularly in Apple’s Health app.

The battery lasts for 18 hours and charging is done with a magnetic charger that snaps on to the back of the watch. Full charge is reached for 2.5 hours.

The watch offers all standard apps and of course the Apple ones. Besides this you can use your watch to pay for stuff by using Apple Pay, check-in on the airport and even to unlock your garage door.

With all these fascinating features it won’t be a surprise that even users which don’t have an iPhone will crave for such a watch after seeing it. This is a gadget that will not only ease up your daily activities, but will make them more pleasant.

When we add Apple’s exquisite and elegant design, this make is it the perfect finish of your outfit.

Smart, beautiful and stylish – priceless!

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