Doppio Has a New Look!

London coffee lovers, stop queuing! Doppio has now released their website and the waiting is over. Flat Rock rocks with another Magento project!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a client, coffee equipment manufacturer or an independent coffee shop. Doppio now offers all their products a click away. From Italian espresso to single origin specialty coffee, you can all find it on their brand new e-commerce platform. All products are now categorized and you can easily check on availability.

Another great feature is the ‘Compare products’ section. If you hesitate whether to get Danesi or Duke, mark them both and compare in an easy and comprehensible table.

Being a coffee owner comes with a full package of responsibilities and being aware of the coffee equipment and how to optimally use it in order to produce the best coffee for your clients is one of them. That is why Doppio organizes workshops that will help you get to know your machine. Just fill in the contact page.

In order to be easily accessible from any device and at the same time to keep simplicity in the design and user experience, our team has implemented Magento e-commerce platform with a responsive design theme, chosen by the client. The checkout process is straight forward and is available for both registered and guest users.

In case you have considered building a new e-commerce platform for your business and you still haven’t found a reliable development company, Flat Rock is just a click away. Fill in our contact form and we will call you and provide a free of charge estimate. Act before the market affects your business!

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