Swift – the New Kid on the Block

By Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock

A little more than an year ago Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. Swift is a modern language that is designed to be safe, fast, powerful and interactive. It`s an alternative for Objective-C, that strives to present a much simpler and more intuitive syntax.

The main reason why Objective-C was pushed back was that it was created back in the 80s and, as you can imagine, came with a little bit of baggage. Instead of trying to update it, Apple chose to create a new modern, flexible and easier to use language.

But why would Apple introduce a new kid on the block, instead of embracing one of the already existing languages? As we all know Apple are notorious for ignoring what everyone else is doing and creating their own solutions. That`s what they did with Swift – created a new language that best fit their needs from the ground up. And developers love it. No seriously, they do. A survey of one of the largest programming communities on the web, StackOverflow shows that Swift is the most-loved programming language of 2015

Let’s find out why:

> Friendly and easy to use

Swift is easy to learn and use compared to other languages. Its improved syntax let you write more expressive code while improving consistency across the language.

Not only can Swift get more done in fewer lines of code but the improved syntax makes it less prone to bugs and errors. Which of course means less development time and stress.

> Interactive Playgrounds

Interactive Playgrounds make writing Swift code incredibly simple and fun as the result appears immediately. The result view can even display graphics, lists of results, or graphs of a value over time.

> Fast and Powerful

Swift takes the best from the latest programming languages and combines it with decades of experience. From its conception, Swift was designed to be fast. Its most important feature is the high-performance compiler which optimizes the Swift code and allows it to get the most out of the modern hardware.

> Open Source

Apple announced their intention to release Swift as open source to later this year. The development community is excited about this as many programmers will get the chance to create iOS and OS X apps without being restricted by lack of proper resources.

> Safe

Apple has made an effort to make Swift safe in a variety of ways, including eliminating entire classes of unsafe code and implementing more sophisticated error handling.

Swift becomes more and more appealing to young programmers and it gains supporters every day. For now Swift and Objective-C coexist in the big Apple family, but we won`t be surprised if Apple decide they don`t want to support two languages and choose Swift as their primary programming language.

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