iOS 9 in a Nutshell

By Yana, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock

Apple has recently released their new iOS 9. Undoubtedly this was a long waited event for Apple fans, as iOS 9 promised to bring a lot of improvements and new features.

As usual, users’ expectations were high and Apple didn’t disappoint us also this time!

One of the most distinctive trends in iOS 9 is that Apple has added more intelligence to the system, making it more responsive and interactive. Some apps are improved as well by polishing old flaws replacing them with new cool stuff.

Let’s see what’s new!

Our good friend Siri has now become more intelligent and allows you to type if you can’t talk. So you can type your questions related to weather, sports, music and so on, and you will get your reply. You can even ask Siri for a photo from your iPad or iPhone gallery and she will show it to you.

What we liked a lot is that now Siri can mark up interesting stuff that you noticed in apps, pages, messages and etc. You simply need to ask her to remind you about this in a certain hour and when the time comes you will get a reminder with the content that you were looking back then.

The Search screen is enriched as well. Instead of the previous empty Search screen, now you get a screen with Siri suggestions. Based on your lastly performed actions you will see a few rows. The first one will display your most used Contacts, then a second row with your latest Apps. You get a third “Nearby” row showing your last preferred spots and of course a “News” row.

You can add more suggestions to the sections but you cannot turn them off. This, however, is not a disadvantage because you have everything that you might need just a click away.

While on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that “News reading” now tends to become even more interesting, flawless and easy. The articles are free and users can choose among a huge number of topics. A personalized feed “For You” will gather all your favourite preferences. In addition, you shouldn’t worry anymore about display issues in the articles. Apple solved the possible problems by using a special WebKit based system, which allows a decent representation of most of the sources.

Currently, News is not available in Europe, but only in the U.S, England and Australia. Hopefully they will come across Europe soon.

Apple has taken care also for the ones who prefer wearing only their iPhone instead of a wallet full of cards. Last year’s Passbook has now become Wallet and loyalty and store cards have been added to it. For now, only a few big retailers are on board but a lot more are going to join. Cool stuff, but unfortunately only available in the U.S.

There is a great improvement in the Notes App, which now offers the well-known styling options. Users can also benefit from Checklists which are different from the good old reminders. The reminders allow you to set a specific time. With the checklists you can make yourself a nice list where you can mark and cross out important ‘do not forget’ or ‘do stuff’.

If you travel a lot, the improvements in the Maps will please you. The Maps now provide transit directions which cover public transport and even ferries. Apple claims that the information is pretty clear, detailed and easily understandable. Same for the Nearby suggestion which are now more precise – we count on you Apple, as we don’t want to get lost in Hong Kong.

We will finish our tour around the iOS improvements, with something that will delight the selfie lovers. Imagine that you make yourself a series of selfies. In the new iOS you will be able to swipe among them much faster and you will be able to see the “before and after” photos in a sequence.

What’s better than this – it takes a second to choose your new profile picture!

As a conclusion we would say that Apple has done a very good job with this version of iOS. We will need a few more pages to inform you about all updates, but instead of simply reading, it’s better to try it out yourself. We simply advise you – go for the upgrade! You will not regret it!

If you are an iOS fan and you would like to build your own application, send us an email and our solution specialists will help you out by turning your idea into a real product.

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