The Online Assessment Tool Sharkhire is Now Available Free!

We are glad to present you our latest project Sharkhirea professional online testing system. Sharkhire is written in Python and developed using the Django framework and Docker as all IPR belong to Flat Rock Technology.

Sharkhire is an online assessment system, allowing companies to:

› Create custom questions and group them in exams;

› Distribute exams among job candidates and current employees;

› Evaluate the results;

The system features include:

› web based online tool;

› no software installations;

› tests can be taken instantly;

› availability is 24/7

The online testing system saves you time analyzing correct and incorrect answers and allows you to generate your own reports:

› Per exam;

› Per question;

› Per candidate;

You have the option to export the reports in Excel and PDF and see graphics presenting the average score and average duration per exam, question and candidate. You can follow your candidates’ progress in a specially designed exam monitor. The information is updated every 10 seconds, allowing you to follow their activity in real time.

The registration is free and you have the opportunity to test up to 10 candidates if you register by the end of May.

Go to or drop us an email to [email protected] 

Test the Shark!

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