The Growing Popularity of Wearable Devices

By Ivan, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock

Wearable devices have experienced a large rise in popularity recently. Everyone seems to have started wearing a smart watch, a fitness tracker, smart glasses or smart clothing. Many large companies started to produce more and newer models of such devices, trying to improve their designs and functionality to reach users’ expectations. Due to the technological advances made in the near past, the market for these products has extensively grown and according to reports by Business Insider, is expected to reach $100bn in 2020.

Wearables such as smart watches and fitness trackers bring advanced ease of use and additional functionalities such as monitoring your own health and fitness. They can be connected to your mobile device and provide valuable information for apps that feature biometric data such as pulse and blood pressure. Those apps can monitor your health and advise you on what to do in certain situations. You can read texts and answer calls quicker on your smartwatch, as well as take photos and do all sorts of things that were previously unavailable to conventional watches.

Smart glasses also provide large benefits to the user. You can take photos, record audio and video, search for things on the internet by using voice commands to talk to your device. Since the computer screen is right in front of you, you have access to everything you need without having to reach for a mouse and keyboard.

Smart clothes are also designed more towards health and fitness, but provide other benefits as well. They can be designed to provide a higher level of comfort that normal clothes do not offer, as well as record and analyze important data about the person who’s wearing them. Since there are already many brands of clothes, that specialize in different areas, it will be interesting to see how this smart revolution effects the clothing industry. Perhaps in the future all clothes will feature benefits provided by technology.

A large drawback to using such devices is that they need to be charged often and do not come with all of the functionalities that computers offer, however we may soon be able to do most actions that we do on our PCs, using our wearables. It seems the only thing in the wearable devices’ path to becoming even more popular is time.

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