Open Day @ Flat Rock Technology

We had the pleasure to host one of the most exciting events, we have organized within the company – Open Day at Flat Rock. The event was dedicated to students, willing to pursue a career in software development, offering them more information on what they can expect after they graduate university.

Our goal was to shorten the distance between the universities and the business in practice. It has been a very fruitful experience, offering a good insight of the different trendy technologies and how each one of the participants can build their career path from the very beginning of their work life. All Flat Rock internal teams had the chance to present what they do, to share their experience and daily routine highlights, what skills you need to possess in order to be part of the team and how to become a new member.

We, at Flat Rock, trust that even though experience is important, it is more valuable for young professionals to have the right motivation to constantly expand their skillset and knowledge, stay on track with the latest technologies and have positive attitude.

We would like to once again thank everyone, who participated and we hope that we will see you again on our next event!

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