Open Day @ Flat Rock Technology Vol.2

The Open Day event, held in Varna on March 30th, was a success and a great opportunity to meet both the students that have been supporting Flat Rock Technology since the first event and the enthusiastic potential recruits that joined us for Vol. 2.

More than 20 students joined the event and had the chance to learn about the growing digital industry and to participate in industry related exercises. Everyone got involved and the students seemed really engaged and excited for future job prospects in the area, which is great, as the industry is currently the third most important future market worldwide.

On the day, they learned what steps to take to start their career after they graduate, how to become a member of Flat Rock Technology’s team, met our specialists and had a tour of our office. One of the most exciting moments of the Open Day was the “Creative Challenge”. Our guests had the task to create wireframes for new “Call A Taxi” app. for Android and iOS.
“Our client” had specific requirements for what should be free to users. The below are the basic required functions:

  • Consumers should be able to register and enter the application.
  • Consumers should be able to order a taxi.
  • Consumers should be able to see how long until the arrival of the car.
  • Users should see the car’s location on the map.
  • Consumers will pay for the service directly to the driver.
  • Users can leave comments/rating for the driver or service.

The students presented their “projects”, all of which were great, and then received feedback from our professionals.

The event concluded with a cocktail, funny stories and a lot of surprises for our guests.

We, at Flat Rock Technology firmly believe businesses should raise awareness for this industry and its importance, which will result in creating new jobs and opportunities for young people.

A big Thank you to all who participated in “Open Day @ Flat Rock Vol.2”. We owe our success to you.

Stay tuned for Vol.3 …

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