The Next Generation Of Customer Service

A recent trend has seen the return of chatbots as an augmentation to customer service. One major advantage of bots over humans is that they don’t need sleep which makes them available 24/7

Actually, a single chatbot is able to lead hundreds of conversations simultaneously and can also instantly give replies, which makes the chatbot customer service a good supplement to the human one.

It is possible to personalize the chatbot through what it says, it can represent a brand, and it can also be quite fun to interact with.

In general, chatbots increase efficiency by relieving people from all the mundane tasks such as taking orders, answering frequent questions, and memorizing customer preferences.

Flat Rock Technology recently developed such chatbot for one of its customers – Purify Digital. Inspired by the issues that the client faces, the chatbot Ella aims to take the burden of tedious and repetitive conversations from the employees. It communicates with the clients and gathers data for the employees thus allowing them to focus on more creative tasks. See the case-study

Ella comes with her own back-end platform for visualizing data, making analyses, and changing her settings. She was developed using the Microsoft stack of technologies and is now an integral part of Purify Digital’s daily activities.

Chatbots are a win-win opportunity for both customers and brands as they increase the response capacity and ROI for customer support. They can streamline processes for repetitive inquiries and usually have 24/7 availability.

To sum it up – chatbots can do anything. They can provide you with customer support, order you a pizza, schedule your meetings, tell you the weather, and even book your next holiday – you name it! The best part is that a chatbot can be made for your website, an email engine, Skype, Facebook Messenger,  Kik,  Slack,  Microsoft Teams, and so much more.

Need your own chatbot? Flat Rock Technology is always here to build one for you! Contact Us!

Credit goes to Bozhidar, .Net Team Lead, Flat Rock Technology

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