“The creative challenge” – Flat Rock Open Day Event


This month we had the pleasure to host an exciting event – actually, it was one of the most amazing events, we have organized this year and for sure there are more to come! We would like to thank all the fantastic young enthusiasts who visited us during the Flat Rock Outsourcing – Open Day.

The event was dedicated to the young talents looking to pursue a career in a global organisation. We gave more information on how the business operates and how we support all our colleagues to develop their potential and skills.
The participants impressed and inspired us with their various interests, creativity, motivation, hardworking attitude, and ideas.

Part of the planned daily activities were the interactive presentations given by the Flat Rock Technology team members from various departments, who explained their working process and projects and shared experience and insights about the challenges in their field.
In addition, we organized a tour of the office, open discussions, and interesting games. The games were chosen with the aim to provoke all of us to leave the comfort zone and to step into the exciting world of the business innovations, marketing strategies, teamwork decisions and presentations.

Every few months we host Open Days for new talents, with recruitment as objective.
It’s great opportunity to get to know each other and have fun together. And we welcome you to visit us on our next event – let’s meet and discuss your success story!
We’ll help you explore all the opportunities.

Once again, a big Thank you to all who participated in our Open Day! Thank you for the energy and creativity you have put into every single task and for the attention and interest, you have shown to our work and everyday activities! It was a wonderful day full of smiles, and emotions.

Because… We Rock!


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