Flat Rock Technology expands in Amsterdam

Flat Rock Technology opens new sales office in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are proud to announce that Flat Rock Technology expands its presence with a new sales office in Amsterdam. It will be our fourth location alongside London, United Kingdom, Varna, Bulgaria and Tbilisi, Georgia.   

The growing interest in our services from the West European clients encouraged us to expand our presence in Amsterdam to be closer to our clientele and deliver an excellent service.  As the CEO of the Flat Rock Technology, Ran Berger, commented, we are optimistic that the new addition will expand our reach further:   

“We are excited to announce the opening of our new sales office in Amsterdam. As part of our strategic growth plan, we set up the new Amsterdam sales office to further expand our services to West European clients. I am confident that with this new addition, we will be able to offer clients and prospects with excellent Software, Web, Mobile, Cloud DevOps and Outsourcing solutions. 

In 2019 we were able to scale up our R&D capacity with a new office in Tbilisi and to expand our offerings to add new services such as Data Science and MS Dynamics custom development. These new additions allow us to expand our reach. We are looking forward to delivering and serve the Dutch client base.”

In recent years Flat Rock Technology has seen tremendous growth, we believe that the new sales office in Amsterdam will be a start of yet another new and exciting step for us.  

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