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Flat Rock Technology earns Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency

We are proud to announce that Flat Rock Technology has successfully secured Microsoft Gold Data Analytics competency, starting from April 2020. Adding the new competency to the three other Microsoft certified competencies earned previously.  

To secure the Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency, our data experts have successfully demonstrated their expertise and capabilities in a series of exams. Proving the remarkable quality of data analytics services Flat Rock Technology provides to its clients.

The Microsoft Gold Data Analytics certificate demonstrates our capabilities and excellence in helping our clients to access their data, gain insights, and make recommendations and predictions based on it. Being a certified Microsoft partner and having secured four competencies showcases our devotion to excellence and eagerness to provide the top-quality services to our clients. It also gives us exclusive access to the resources and training opportunities, allowing Flat Rock to always be the leading company in the field.  

Our Microsoft Certifications: 

We are proud to have secured following Microsoft Certifications that demonstrate our expertise and the quality of our services: 

  • Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency 
  • Microsoft Gold DevOps Competency 
  • Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency
  • Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency

We do not stop the development of our team, services and company here. At Flat Rock, we are committed to excellence and top-notch quality. You can find out more about our data services or contact us for more information. 

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