• IT Outsourcing and BPO Trends

    By Ivan, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Many large US and UK based companies outsource plenty of their processes. We’ve all seen what has happened recently in the US with the elections and in the UK with Brexit… So, how is the outsourcing sector going to develop?

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  • Open Day @ Flat Rock Technology Vol.2

    The Open Day event, held in Varna on March 30th, was a success and a great opportunity to meet both the students that have been supporting Flat Rock Technology since the first event and the enthusiastic potential recruits that joined us for Vol. 2.

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  • Open Day at Flat Rock Vol.2! Meet our Specialists!

    Want to get into IT? Meet our specialists to find out what their typical working week looks like. Be a part of the workshop to discover more about yourself and your team spirit. Get the dose of inspiration and motivation you need. Register to attend for free here

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  • Open Day @ Flat Rock Technology

    We had the pleasure to host one of the most exciting events, we have organized within the company – Open Day at Flat Rock. The event was dedicated to students, willing to pursue a career in software development, offering them more information on what they can expect after they graduate university.

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  • Open Day at Flat Rock! Free Entry!

    Register at:

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  • Augmented and Virtual Reality in Business

    By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock In our first post we went on about the history and idea of Virtual and Augmented Reality, after which we made short reviews about the most popular VR gadgets right now.

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