• Flat Rock Outsourcing Office in Varna, Bulgaria

    Watch the video about our outsourcing office in Varna, Bulgaria, meet the team and listen to Flat Rock Technology CTO Pravoslav Milenkov and Managing Director Ran Gazit-Berger talk about the work environment in Bulgaria, project management, client relationships approach and much more.

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  • Outsourcing – Management and Control Tools

    Outsourcing could be a very easy process as long as it is well organized, follows a specific clear structure, allows quick and multidimensional communication and has the necessary technical tools and resources to make the project smooth and the delivery successful.

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  • Benefits of Outsourcing in Europe – Culture

    Outsourcing to Europe has proved to be not just a fad but also a serious direction in which many companies are headed to. Europe is much more diverse and at the same time unified that most people may think. Central and Eastern European countries have long felt the business mood as many companies have already […]

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  • Where to Outsource? Benefits of Outsourcing in Europe

    Outsourcing is one of the main directions businesses are focusing on, especially in the recent years. From sportswear to computer hardware, many Western companies are taking advantage of the Eastern world in terms of educated work force, cost efficiency and geographical strategies but maybe the trend is already shifting.

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  • Size Doesn’t Matter

    Isn’t it great to extend your team with the resources you need quickly and efficiently? Many businesses face the issue of needing more resources for a specific period at a specific time and often take measures that are not so well aligned with their business strategy and organization.

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  • Mixed team approach

    With the world becoming more and more globalized by the day, companies strive to make the best of the available opportunities and resources. They have the full right to do so as driving costs down and efficiency up are the basic ingredients for the successful functioning and survival of businesses.

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