• Project Management Methodologies – Waterfall and Agile

    By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock Project management is an art, it’s a mixture of qualities, skills, techniques, tools and knowledge but most of all it’s the ability to recognise the best methodology and use it properly. The choice of proper methodology is key to success.

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  • Can you be too agile?

    by Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock The software community is moving from linear development processes such as Waterfall to a more incremental approach. The Agile process is now accepted as the better alternative to the traditional software development. If done properly, it can improve the quality, reduce the time to market and mitigate risks.

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  • The Basics of the Good Project Management

    By Yana, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock An old saying says that behind every great man stands a great woman. We would freely paraphrase this to “Behind every great company, stands great project management”. No matter how small or big your company is, one thing is for sure – you need to have the […]

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  • Agile and Waterfall Development

    By Plamena, Project Manager at Flat Rock One of the first decisions each project faces is “Which development methodology to use?” The two most popular basic methodologies are Waterfall and Agile. Feelings run strong on the subject as each model has its strengths and shortcomings. We will let you decide which one you prefer after […]

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  • One Side, One Team

    By Ran Berger, Flat Rock CEO So, you started your project, you chose your supplier, set up an internal project team and you are all ready to go. We all know that it is not that simple to deliver and to complete projects on time, quality and budget. So what can we really do beyond […]

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  • What Makes a Good Project Manager? Part 2

    Project managers are the driving force behind a project, it is their job to navigate it, control and monitor it and to make sure that the process follows the initial plan, all the parties are aware of the stages and deadlines and the quality delivered corresponds to the given task and timeframe. To be a […]

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