• Digital tools for working from home

    Digital toolkit for working from home during coronavirus

    Covid-19 is changing our lives and quickly reshaping how we operate daily. More and more companies are sending employees for working from home to slow down the spread of coronavirus. In some countries, governments have declared a state of emergency or quarantine, urging companies to close down temporarily or to work from home. In others, it […]

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  • What is Selenium

    By Kaloyan, QA Lead at Flat Rock When you think about what to automate, the first thing which appears in one’s mind probably will be the way in which the QA tests the system by clicking on every button and filling all fields with different types of information.

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  • Is There any Difference between a “Program” and an “Application“?

      By Elena, Customer Support Specialist at Flat Rock   Being part of the high-tech world people became familiar with words like “program” and “application”. Almost every day you could hear someone passionately recommending a new “app” that was just installed on their smartphone. We are used to the terminology and it became an essential […]

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  • Online Startups: How to Analyze Our Final Performance?

    A Guest Article The best guide to develop our startup through the Internet is knowing in detail every aspect of what happens in our websites. Without a proper measurement and analysis, we will never know the causes of our success or failure, much less the key points that we must improve on. In this article, […]

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  • Top 5 Most Interesting Android Apps

    By Ivanka, Web & Data Specialist at Flat Rock Mobile technologies influence us in so many aspects that it would be too shallow to say that they just give us mobile experience; they are lifestyle. Android – the most widely used mobile platform in the whole world, powers hundreds of millions smart phones in more […]

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  • How to Convince Customers to Shop Online

    by Teodor, Solution Sales Specialist at Flat Rock Nowadays e-commerce is a well-known opportunity for starting a new business. This trend has been increasing phenomenally in the last few years and a lot of business owners expand their businesses by using online shops. It should be considered though, that this is still a new way of […]

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